Digithum issue 24 July 2019. Call for Papers

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Call for Papers: Money in the 21st Century: Digital Exchange, Extra-State Currencies, and the Relational Character of Money

Guest editor: Hernán Borisonik (researcher, National Scientific and Technical Research Council, CONICET)
Submission deadline: 1 December 2018
To be published in: issue 24 (July 2019)
Author guidelines:

Subject area

Scholars are invited to submit manuscripts for possible inclusion in Digithum. All manuscripts will be subject to peer review, with timely feedback provided to authors.

Articles should focus on the social consequences of new forms of exchange, especially in digital contexts in which the boundaries of states tend to become ill-defined and porous. How do crypto currencies are influencing or will influence societies? What does the use of new forms of non-state exchange (apps, messengers) imply at the level of social relations?

Especially welcomed will be those contributions that focus upon:

  • New cultural phenomena related to digital economic exchange (blockchain, decentralized and/or peer-to-peer transactions, anonymous trading).
  • Extra-State Money (brand-based money, banks or corporations currencies).
  • New forms of exchanging money in low-income societies, and the interactions that this entails (mobile payments or banking, etc.).
  • Socialization and sociability in digital contexts of monetary exchange.
  • Financial market autonomization or automatization.
  • Forms of local currencies in relation to the general (globalized) economic context.

Submission and publication guidelines

Articles should not exceed 8000 words and must contain the following information:

  • Title
  • Abstract (200 words) with the essential features and results of the work
  • Keywords (4 to 6)
  • The body of the text, structured into sections and sub-sections
  • Bibliography
  • Author details (name and surname, professional affiliation, professional postal address, electronic address)
  • Brief CV (100-200 words) and photograph

Articles can be written in Catalan, English or Spanish.

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