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Our journal’s issue no. 18 was an opportune moment to launch its Intellectual History section. As Digithum’s editorial team we feel very certain that Intellectual History with a relational perspective is an excellent way to bring into play our subjective experience with our cultural heritage as its reference.

In this first appearance of the section we are offering a conversation between Hans-Georg Soeffner, Georg Vobruba and the late Thomas Luckmann. This invaluable piece contains brilliant lucidity from three key figures of contemporary sociological theory as they show how the problems and questions studied by sociologists – perhaps since its beginnings as a discipline – apply in the current day and age, based on questions about the world and reality all around us.

And this is precisely the way we hope our readers might approach the section, with its reviews, interviews and translations inspiring us to ask questions about just what it is that makes our society possible – and not because these texts describe the societies we live in, but because clues and reference points can be found in them to help us form interpretations that we alone are in a position to make. Rather than seeking to bring these pieces veneration, this section shares them so as to bring them up to date, providing mediation with the present point in history.

In our next instalment we will be sharing a sharp reflection from Georg Simmel, that pillar of the relational perspective, on various manifestations of German life around the start of the 20th century, in the belief that clues to interpreting the world a century later are to be found therein also.


Einer Mosquera
Coeditor, Digithum
Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia)

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