DIGITHUM is an academic journal in the field of social sciences, focusing on cultural analysis from a relational perspective. The journal’s commitments are to quality and to open knowledge transfer.

Any authors who would like to submit works to be published in DIGITHUM need to register themselves, filling out all the required fields and providing a username and password to then log in.

Registration and login are required in order to submit texts online or to check the current status of the review and publication process. Reviewers must also complete these processes in order to download the works and give their evaluations. The journal is always looking to receive original articles that are of value from an analytic, social and cultural perspective, based on empirical or theoretical research that is methodologically sound. Nevertheless, there may also be specific calls for papers or monographs.

Authors are free to recommend specific experts in the field of their work so as to make the review process more constructive and of greater academical value. This process will be conducted alongside those chosen by the Editorial Board from the journal’s inter-university international pool of reviewers.

The Guide for authors details the journal’s main areas of interest as well as the formal guidelines texts must adhere to in order to be accepted.

Another area where you can collaborate with DIGITHUM is the publicizing of research, through active involvement in our knowledge hub. You can send us news to share across social media, or make contributions to our blog so as to give visibility to your research and spark debate among the community.

If you want to take part on this, contact us via Digithum’s contact page.

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