The abstraction of money: emancipation or alienation?

The chief goal of this article is to explain the abstraction process money has undergone since its earliest formal manifestations from Archaic Greece down to Modernity. To do this, reference is made not only to both theoretical arguments and social practices, but also to technical aspects. Additionally, and as a continuance of the ideas arising from the recently-described study, some issues are raised with regard to digital currencies, particularly bitcoin, which, even though it has been promoted as being anti-capitalist since its very beginnings, may, in practice, end up being capitalism’s most sophisticated tool.

Digithum issue 24 July 2019. Call for Papers

Scholars are invited to submit manuscripts for possible inclusion in Digithum, issue 24. Money in the 21st Century: Digital Exchange, Extra-State Currencies, and the Relational Character of MoneyArticles should focus on the social consequences of new forms of exchange, especially in digital contexts in which the boundaries of states tend to become ill-defined and porous.